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Team Northstar Participates and Finishes the Spartan Race at Fenway Park

November 2022

This past weekend twelve Northstar employees had their first foray as participants in the Fenway Park Spartan Stadion 5K race. Our participation in the race was organized by Northstar’s Charitable Giving Committee with a donation going to the American Cancer Society.

With America’s oldest ballpark, Fenway Park, as the backdrop of the race, our team was dressed to impress, with our Northstar compass logo leading our way. Our team of Peter Arsenault, Ipsitha Bayapu, Jerry Bosch, Kirstin Brown, Nicholas Dunn, Tom Grady, Lisa Hamilton, Jim Hogan, Kerry Logue, Andrew Pace, Kamal Sheik, and Andy Touchette set out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to conquer this challenging course. 

The team was (mostly) undaunted by the course’s 20 obstacles testing their willpower on strength, endurance, speed, and time. The obstacles consisted of burpees, pushups, monkey bars, gauntlet, spear throwing, carrying a sandbag up the stairs, and climbing and going over the A-frame. 

The culmination of finishing the course is running to home plate, and Team Northstar ran across the plate like they had just scored a home run in Game Seven of the World Series. Which by finishing this race is a befitting description of their accomplishment, as participating in the Spartan Race is no easy task. 

Our group ended the day at a nearby pub nursing sore muscles and relishing in the afternoon’s comradery.