A top priority for everyone at Northstar is a deep understanding of our clients’ goals for their projects. This involves building a close working relationship right from the start.

To appreciate the quality of our work and the services we provide, we feel it’s best to hear from our clients in their own words.

“The Skating Club of Boston sought out Northstar as its project manager for its new $68 million facility because of their team’s integrity, dedication to clients of every size, and personalized attention. Our facility was a one-and-done project for our institution, and we did not want it to be lost in a company among larger clients with longer-term, business interests. Northstar proved to be the right decision for us at every turn of the project – from sourcing our construction management team, to value engineering the project to fit our budget, to problem solving, to staunchly representing our organization though invariable dispute resolutions. They were steadfast. The Northstar team consistently let our team know we were a priority throughout the entirety of the project. Today we have a state-of-the-art, training and performance center that is the envy of other skating facilities in the United States and admired around the world. And to this day, our Northstar project manager will pick up the phone and answer any questions for us.”

Doug Zeghibe, CEO and Executive Director, The Skating Club of Boston

“Northstar is a group of consummate professionals, with a blend of varying skillsets, uniquely positioning them to take on a broad array of projects. Their attention to detail, and ability to respectfully drive the client to decisions, keeps the project on time and on budget. I turn to Northstar for their ideas and approaches regarding project issues.”

Jim McElrone, Head of North America Real Estate and Global Engineering, Sanofi

“UKG (formerly Kronos) was looking for an OPM for its 500k SF Global HQ tenant fit up project in Lowell. Northstar was the first company we thought of.  Having previously used Northstar for our Engineering COE in Chelmsford, we knew we were hiring a competent and nimble project manager that would keep the project on schedule and under budget. Northstar is deliberate in their approach, maintains a high level of professionalism, and shows respect to all team members. They earn that respect in return. Their partnership in creating our award-winning workplace directly impacts the high level of employee engagement and satisfaction at UKG.   I look forward to partnering with Northstar on our next tenant fit up.”

Jonathan Proffitt, Global Vice President: Workplace, UKG

“As our headquarters project evolved, Northstar’s role became much more than a traditional owner’s project manager, and the project team excelled at every assignment thrown their way. Northstar’s involvement in the planning, design, procurement, executive oversight, budget reporting, and move management, were all vital to the project’s success. The building has already won a number of awards, and I truly believe we would not have achieved this recognition had we not partnered with Northstar. Northstar’s knowledge of all aspects of office construction is second to none and I want to compliment the entire project team for their hard work and dedication. I look forward to working with Northstar again on projects large and small.”

Brian Murray, Senior Director Global Real Estate & Workplace, Akamai Technologies

“The Northstar team specializes in taking extremely complex and nuanced processes and breaking them into achievable, purposeful tasks … we have found them to be strategic, responsive and committed to seamlessly integrating with our team. They’re equipped to address high-level planning as well as managing the granular details needed to be successful. And they understand our organizational structure, our business model and our values. These are great people who share our commitment and work ethic. We are more prepared and confident with Northstar on our team.”

Jason Wills, Senior Vice President, American Campus Communities (NYSE:ACC)

“It is imperative that budgets and schedules remain on target on every project despite inevitable activities that threaten to derail careful plans. In my experience, Northstar deftly navigates those activities without impact to either important goal, and they do so with excellent communication, command of all project details, and by coordinating with all associated groups. My greatest compliment would be to hire them again.”

Ken Filosi, Project Executive, Takeda/Shire

Harvard University Housing
“Northstar does all of Harvard University Housing’s capital project management work on 3,000 University-owned apartments in 108 buildings that serve Harvard graduate students, faculty and staff in Cambridge and Boston. We have an extremely varied portfolio that ranges in size from single-family homes to 500-unit apartment complexes, and in age from seven- to more than one-hundred years old. We typically run at 100% year-round occupancy, which results in a complex project management program, as we continuously renew the properties.

For more than ten years, Northstar principals and their associates have partnered seamlessly with us to build and renovate the Harvard University Housing portfolio. We’ve completed hundreds of projects together with no unresolved issues; they’ve become an integral part of our team. Northstar is an extremely consistent and high-quality partner providing creative, custom solutions to the myriad of challenges we face regularly – most in occupied buildings in densely developed neighborhoods. They provide focused, principal-directed project teams for our constantly evolving project requirements. They are sensitive to our needs from a resident interaction, operations, and financial perspective, and they provide highly-skilled strategic professionals in a transparent environment. They think like we do, they take on our challenges as their own, and they always offer solutions to counter unexpected challenges. They are truly a trusted advisor.”

Steven Nason, Managing Director, Harvard University Housing

“From partners down to project managers, everyone I’ve interacted with at Northstar excels at both communication and project management. We rely upon their understanding of the development process and trust that their project learning curve will be minimal due to their vast experience and their internal structures. Northstar principals not only sell the work, but they come in, roll up their sleeves, and stand with the project team to get the job done. Because of this dedication, issues get resolved, challenges are met, and relationships are maintained on an extremely high professional level. Their attention to detail and lack of ego makes them an enjoyable firm to work with, not just professionally, but personally. We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

Andy Reinach, Senior Vice President - Real Estate Development & Construction, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

“Northstar has been a great partner in all of our phased expansion and renovation projects. Every project has come in on time and under budget, which is nice. But, they are more than that to us. They are extremely attentive to detail, business focused, and very client centered. They showed genuine concern for our comfort and sought input at every turn. They considered our wants and needs, culture and goals, and made sure all were represented in the final project. They also helped manage the expectations of our staff when we moved from isolated offices to an open air environment plan. Without Northstar, our projects wouldn’t be run nearly as well, and our staff wouldn’t be as well-adjusted as they are today. We credit Northstar with these positive outcomes.”

Joan Wallace, Benjamin, President The Home for Little Wanderers

“Northstar is a trusted and valued partner who consistently provides outstanding project management services for our tenant fitout work. Their technical expertise in engineering and financial management is unparalleled. They interface effectively with landlords and contractors to ensure that our project work is executed as designed with minimal surprises during the construction phase. Their project managers are professional and integrate seamlessly with our in-house team.”

Karen P., Real Estate Director, Financial Services Firm

“With a ten-year, $100M campus consolidation and revitalization project underway, I relied upon Northstar’s expertise in construction and construction contracting to ensure we maximized our value, while trusting their strategic advice at every stage of the design and construction process. They understood and imitated our business model, using that knowledge to efficiently direct the architectural and design team members towards appropriate and reliable conclusions. For anyone considering a major construction project, Northstar comes highly recommended – from myself, my user community, and my management team.”

Raymond Leavitt, Director of Corporate Real Estate, Retired, The MITRE Corporation

“Our projects with Northstar involved the transition of several outdated spaces into modern, employee-centric work environments where staff enjoy continuity, collaboration, and state of the art amenities and finishes. The quality of work provided by Northstar’s staff goes beyond a well-thought out and extremely well-coordinated renovation. They are on-schedule and on-budget as a rule, and never failed in that aspect. Their leadership is top notch, with a command of the process and excellent experience with large scale buildouts. Project management’s attention to detail is superior and the team as a whole is excellent at communicating all relevant information in a manner that keeps the process moving forward. Every meeting with our stakeholders was relevant, informative, and productive, with time well spent and never wasted. The icing on the cake is that the quality and atmosphere of our new environment has increased recruitment efforts immensely. We are thrilled with Northstar’s performance, and would recommend them to anyone seeking an owner’s project manager for a complicated, multi-phase and multi-purpose renovation project.”

David Higgins, Vice President Integrated Supply Chain Textron Systems | Textron Weapon & Sensor Systems

“The Northstar team has supported all phases of our transition into Boston, Cambridge and Kendall Square. As a new entrant into a complex and active market, your leadership and expertise have provided an advantage in our efforts to establish a presence in a new market for our company. Northstar was one of the first partners we engaged in establishing a presence in Cambridge in late 2014 and our collaboration over the last 12 months has resulted in the design/build of a renowned facility for our leading biopharmaceutical company – the outcome of your work continues to inspire and delight our employees and guests. We look forward to our continued collaboration with our Northstar partners long after the construction ends. We were fortunate to receive a reference for such a great partner. Thank you for the work that we’ve done and the work that we’re yet to do.”

Todd Cruikshank, Group Manager Global Business Operations, Baxalta Cambridge R&D and Innovation Center

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with Northstar. They are incredibly professional, they take a thorough and comprehensive approach to every aspect of the project, and they integrate into the project team seamlessly in order to make transitions happen quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, we trust that their number one objective is to preserve our best interests. What started out as a successful relationship on a project for the Home for Little Wanderers transitioned into a more than seven-year relationship on multiple complex projects for AEW, and we’ve been nothing but incredibly happy with their performance.”

Pam Herbst, Managing Director, AEW Capital Management

“I was most impressed with the people skills of the Northstar team, their ability to meet deadlines, and the way they consistently drove constructive decision making at every turn. I entered every meeting with full confidence they’d be prepared with the relevant information my team needed to make informed decisions. With a team approach, which included two senior-level principals and one dedicated project manager, they worked in lock-step to provide clear guidance and insight. This proved to be an effective way to demonstrate complete project understanding while paying attention to the details necessary to create a functional and aesthetically breathtaking project. They are excellent communicators, and in my opinion, the value they brought to our project is undeniable.”

Matt Gabree, Vice President Global Real Estate, TripAdvisor