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The Women of Northstar

March 2023

The women of Northstar play a critical role in our firm, representing close to 40% of the firm in every level of project management overseeing more than $3.0B of construction.

Their diverse backgrounds enable them to drive growth in the industry and within our company by bringing unique strengths and skills to solve problems and develop solutions in the project management role. 

In honor of Women in Construction week, we want to acknowledge the journey our great women took to find their careers as Owner’s Project Managers (OPM). 

Lisa Bagshaw completed a civil engineering degree and quickly transitioned to project management.  

Ipsitha Bayapu has a bachelor’s in architecture and master’s in building construction and began her career as a project engineer in Manhattan.  

Kristin Brown began her career in finance and then completed a Master’s in real estate development before transitioning into project management.   

Cameron Feeley has a civil engineering degree with experience in structural design. She supports clients in the residential, transportation, and commercial real estate sectors.

Lisa Hamilton completed a civil engineering degree and an MBA. She worked as a civil engineer before transitioning to owner’s project management.  

Katie Huckins has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in civil engineering. She began her career at Northstar as an owner’s project manager.  

Jessy Lecaj began her career at Northstar as a co-op student before completing her facilities management and planning degree. She is now a full-time project manager.

Katherine Kenney received a Master’s in project management and construction. She worked for an architectural firm before becoming a project manager.

Wanda Lee worked in facilities management for a commercial real estate firm before transitioning to project management.

Kerry Logue holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Her career began at an architectural firm before becoming an OPM in the public sector focusing on K-12 public schools.  

Natasha Marcuard is a registered architect and spent seven years as an architect before becoming a project manager. 

Denise Pied holds a history degree with certificates in construction and change management. She worked in the real estate group for a publishing company before transitioning to project management. 

Dhruvi Rana is a recent graduate with a degree in economics and internship experience in project management. 

Gabbi Robinson holds a Master’s in accounting. Before becoming an owner’s project manager, she was an auditor for an accounting firm. 

Janet Tse holds a civil engineering degree, an MBA, and a Master’s in finance. She worked as a structural engineer before becoming an owner’s project manager. 

Danica Woo holds a Bachelor’s in Architecture and Experience Design degree. She worked as a designer and project manager before joining Northstar.

Elen Zurabyan earned a Master of Architecture degree, worked as an architectural engineer and taught architecture before becoming an owner’s project manager.