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Steven Nason

November 2015

Harvard University Housing
“Northstar does all of Harvard University Housing’s capital project management work on 3,000 University-owned apartments in 108 buildings that serve Harvard graduate students, faculty and staff in Cambridge and Boston. We have an extremely varied portfolio that ranges in size from single-family homes to 500-unit apartment complexes, and in age from seven- to more than one-hundred years old. We typically run at 100% year-round occupancy, which results in a complex project management program, as we continuously renew the properties.

For more than ten years, Northstar principals and their associates have partnered seamlessly with us to build and renovate the Harvard University Housing portfolio. We’ve completed hundreds of projects together with no unresolved issues; they’ve become an integral part of our team. Northstar is an extremely consistent and high-quality partner providing creative, custom solutions to the myriad of challenges we face regularly – most in occupied buildings in densely developed neighborhoods. They provide focused, principal-directed project teams for our constantly evolving project requirements. They are sensitive to our needs from a resident interaction, operations, and financial perspective, and they provide highly-skilled strategic professionals in a transparent environment. They think like we do, they take on our challenges as their own, and they always offer solutions to counter unexpected challenges. They are truly a trusted advisor.”