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Doug Zeghibe

February 2024

“The Skating Club of Boston sought out Northstar as its project manager for its new $68 million facility because of their team’s integrity, dedication to clients of every size, and personalized attention. Our facility was a one-and-done project for our institution, and we did not want it to be lost in a company among larger clients with longer-term, business interests. Northstar proved to be the right decision for us at every turn of the project – from sourcing our construction management team, to value engineering the project to fit our budget, to problem solving, to staunchly representing our organization though invariable dispute resolutions. They were steadfast. The Northstar team consistently let our team know we were a priority throughout the entirety of the project. Today we have a state-of-the-art, training and performance center that is the envy of other skating facilities in the United States and admired around the world. And to this day, our Northstar project manager will pick up the phone and answer any questions for us.”