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Northstar’s Harvard Team is Hard at Work

September 2022

Northstar has been successfully supporting Harvard University’s graduate housing group since Northstar’s inception, completing hundreds of capital and operational projects that have been crucial to extending the longevity of Harvard University Housing’s real estate portfolio.

This year alone Team Harvard is managing upwards of 20 multi-family residential projects with 13 more slated for end of summer and early fall starts. These projects include exterior façade restorations, roof renewals, interior renovations, and complete building renovations as well as mechanical, plumbing, and electrical upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges of the team’s work is facilitating year-round occupied construction, which can involve the coordination of many residents and critical organizations within Harvard University. To successfully manage projects like these, Team Harvard works strategically with a professional group of designers, consultants, and contractors to form a network of trusted and skilled service providers. As a result, Northstar has established exceptional client service year after year.