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Northstar Goes Over the Edge for Special Olympics MA

November 2021

Five Northstar employees got to belay 200ft. at the Over the Edge event to support Special Olympics MA!

Over the Edge is a unique fundraiser that gives participants the opportunity of rappelling down a building in an exciting and completely safe environment. Over the Edge has taken place at the Hyatt Regency Boston for the past 11 years and has raised over $1 million for Special Olympics MA. The Over the Edge staff consists of a team of experts who possess an outstanding safety record, and who provide the technical expertise, training and equipment needed for the event.

Five out of 26 interested members of Team Northstar were randomly selected to participate. Scroll through the photos below to see Anthony Warren, Daniel Govoni, Natasha Marcuard, Ipsitha Bayapu and Jillian MacDougall belay 200ft. from the roof of the Hyatt Regency Boston.

Click Here to learn more about Over the Edge for Special Olympics MA.

The lucky 5 selected to belay!

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