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Northstar Celebrates Jason Atwood’s 10th Anniversary

May 2023

Please join us in congratulating Jason Atwood on ten years with Northstar!

Jason has steadily advanced in his career since joining the firm ten years ago. Starting as an Assistant Project Manager, he is now a Vice President and shareholder in the firm.

He quickly earned a reputation both within the firm and with our biggest client as a respected leader, bringing a thoughtful and inclusive approach to his work.

Jason is most proud of the project he recently finished at Harvard University. The project was a six-year comprehensive and highly visible renovation project in Allston. From start to finish, the project encompassed four phases, which required over two years of pre-planning. It engaged stakeholders from multiple departments, municipal agencies, and supporting team members across the design and construction field. Each phase achieved high sustainability marks with LEED gold certification. He and the team are now working on a new, highly visible assignment that will take over four years to complete, including design, public approvals /permitting, and construction. The end product will be a 270+-unit apartment building that will house over 700 graduate students and faculty in Allston, which will target an unprecedented approach to sustainability. 

Jason’s greatest professional accomplishment is holding a leadership role at Northstar, where he has put his stamp on several key initiatives within the company. He has been instrumental in recruiting and retaining key talent while shaping the company’s long-term direction. He set out to define and set the tone for the firm’s culture through the hiring process, helping to grow the firm from ten employees to over 50 today. Jason is now spearheading the efforts surrounding the firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). He is proud to say the firm has a balanced mix of gender with diverse backgrounds in age, tenure, leadership, ethnicity, education, and experience. 

Additionally, Jason has seen firsthand the importance of mentoring the younger members of our company through his work with CoreNet New England. He learned from his mentor that we all pull from the same oars regardless of our title or position. It is with this philosophy that Jason has always adhered to an open-door policy. He makes time for anyone and everyone seeking his advice, including taking two young members of our firm under his wing to show them the ropes to provide them with the tools for their personal and professional growth in the industry.  

Lest you think Jason is all about work, he isn’t. He enjoys a zest for life and loves to experience the world around him. Jason is a super achiever and thrill seeker with a love for movement, food, drink, and life itself.

Jason’s motto is, “Love what you do,” and the passion he brings to his job every day is evident.