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Saida Akhmedova

Project Manager

Saida has 10 years of experience in designing and managing institutional, life science, and municipal projects. She designed and managed projects from the concept design phase to construction administration. Saida is passionate about organizing, communicating, and managing complex projects while preserving an awareness of big-picture goals. She is a strong collaborator and thrives on working in a team-oriented environment. Before joining Northstar, Saida held roles as a designer and project manager positions at various architectural firms in Boston. During the past few years of her career, Saida gained in-depth experience in Science and Technology sector, including project planning, design, and administration.  Saida earned her dual degree of MBA and Master of Science in Finance (MSF) from Suffolk University while working full time as a designer and project manager. During her studies at Suffolk University Saida gained comprehensive managerial education and specialized expertise in the field of finance. She also studied interior design at the Art Institute of New York and earned a Bachelor of Architecture at the Boston Architectural College. In her free time, Saida enjoys running and cycling. She completed several marathons in the past few years and looks forward to more successful finish lines in the future. 

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